A delegation from the Emirates Classification Society, Tasneef, has visited Lebanon in order to gain accreditation for the society from the Lebanese government and deliver marine classification services to the Lebanese maritime market.

Eng. Rashed Al Hebsi, chief executive of Tasneef, was optimistic after this visit, saying, “We are keen on having a viable presence in all the Arab countries, as we believe there is a great need for our services for ship- owners, operators, and Arab investors in this promising and vital sector. After achieving a solid presence in the UAE, and becoming a key player there, it’s time for Tasneef to expand into the rest of the Arab countries.”

Currently Tasneef is implementing GCC standards and specifications for ships not covered by international conventions through the GCC Code. Mr. Al Hebsi adds, “Many ship owners and companies are in need of our GCC experience to the Arab region because it strengthens safety and security in ships. It also promotes competitiveness in the maritime market by reducing unequal competition in prices from those who provide cheaper services at the expense of safety and quality specifications.”

Following an exchange of commemorative shields with Abdul-Hafeez Al-Qaisi, director general of Land and Maritime Transport and Mohamed M. Itani, secretary general of the Arab Federation of Shipping and the president of the Lebanese Ship Owners Association, a dialogue was held about the prospects of strengthening cooperation between Tasneef and Lebanese companies. Following the visit, Tasneef has already started receiving requests from a number of Lebanese maritime companies for its services.

Eng. Omar Abu Omar, chief operating officer, concluded, “Lebanon represents an exceptional area for expertise and professional maritime competence as many of Lebanon’s youth work in the maritime sector driven by their passion for trade. We are confident that this expertise and competence will promote the status of Lebanon and the Arab region in delivering quality services.”