VLCS MSC DANIELA still in trouble.

The Daily Mirror Sri Lanka on Apr 17 published statement, made by Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) General Manager Dr. Turny Pradeep Kumara on, understood Apr 16, during press-conference. According to the statement, "The Chemical substance container carrying ship MSC Daniela, which caught fire on April 4 was still remained a threat to the environment as the fire was not hundred percent doused". Meanwhile, MSC DANIELA was relocated from Colombo International Container Terminal to a nearby East Container Terminal. As of 0500 UTC Apr 18, vessel was moored at East Container Terminal, surrounded by tugs, including offshore tug POSH VIRTUE, salvage ship RESOLVE MONARCH and tug HERCULES. Apr 15 UPDATE 14: Local media report observing white fumes rising from MSC DANIELA, with a number of Navy and CG ships gathered nearby. Helicopter or helicopters are also deployed. Not clear what's going on - is it firefighting, or as official and industry media reports put it, "containers cooling". VLCS MSC DANIELA docked at Colombo: Apr 14 UPDATE 13 Apr 14 UPDATE 13: Vessel was docked at Colombo port, Colombo International Container Terminal, in the morning Apr 14, no other information available at the moment. Apr 13 UPDATE 12: No news, official or otherwise, since Apr 6. Vessel in the same position, anchored on outer border of Colombo Anchorage, surrounded by tugs. Feels like fire, at least open fire, is extinguished or under control, and most probably, firefighters and hazardous materials experts were able to board the ship, busy with monitoring and assessing risks, if vessel to be docked in Colombo. Apr 11 UPDATE 11: Vessel was brought to anchor on outer border of Colombo anchorage, after about three hours moving in two legs, so vessel now is three nautical miles closer to anchorage, than before. POSH VIRTUE maintains her position alongside MSC DANIELA starboard. Apr 11 UPDATE 10: VLCS MSC DANIELA started moving, according to AIS, at around 1000 UTC Apr 11. At 1130 UTC she was sailing in southern direction at a slow speed of some 4 knots, escorted by tugs which were deployed in firefighting, and unknown number of Navy and CG ships. Destination unknown. Should be Colombo, most probably. Apr 11 UPDATE 9: No news anywhere, for the last 4 days. AIS picture looks pretty much the same, with maybe one good news - offshore tug POSH VIRTUE seems to stay side by side at container ship's starboard. It may mean, that firefighters and experts either board distressed vessel, or are going to board. Apr 9 UPDATE 8: According to local media, fire is still on, the only change is, vessel was taken some 4 nautical miles further out to sea, out of safety considerations. There are rumors, that vessel may be banned from docking in Colombo, and taken somewhere else. According to AIS, situation is the same, with the same tugs nearby, engaged in firefighting. There is one unconfirmed and worrying local report, that the crew is still on board, on the forecastle, but hopefully, it seems to be a mistake or misunderstanding. Apr 8 UPDATE 7: No news, nowhere. According to AIS, situation didn't change much - same tugs and ships surrounding MSC DANIELA, apparently continuing firefighting. Apr 7 UPDATE 6: There's an unconfirmed report from Colombo, claiming that there are chemical and fuel leaks from MSC DANIELA. A group of experts is already estimating possible pollution and environmental risks. Fire is still on, notwithstanding victorious reports from Navies, officials and industry media. On a photo of cargo deck chaos can be clearly seen stains of some liquid substances which leaked from damaged containers. Interesting photo of MSC DANIELA portside – where do they pour water to, what's going on portside? Apr 6 UPDATE 5: According to local sources Apr 6 updates, fire wasn't yet under control, let alone extinguished. See Apr 6 daytime photos. Four civil vessels deployed in firefighting, supply tugs CAPRICORN and POSH VIRTUE still on the scene. Plus a bunch of Navy, Indian and Sri Lankan, and Coast Guard ships. No news yet on fire teams and hazard materials experts boarding MSC DANIELA. Apr 6 UPDATE 4: Indian Navy in latest statement, published on Apr 6, said MSC DANIELA can't be boarded yet by firefighters and experts, "because minor fire eruptions within the ship", wrote Hiru News. Fire spread to other containers with inflammables, added Hiru News, citing Navy. MSC DANIELA is anchored outside Colombo outer anchorage, as of 0300 UTC Apr 6 there are at least four tugs and Navy or CG ships nearby, including two offshore supply tugs CAPRICORN and POSH VIRTUE with, understood, powerful water cannons. Comment: The reason given by Navy is kind of implausible, it seems like vessel can't be boarded because of toxic threat. Understood, all crew were evacuated, with fire being far off superstructure, at aft section. Visibly, it didn't look like imminent threat to crew. MSC DANIELA fire resembles MSC FLAMINIA fire: see Maritime Bulletin story (with list of containers with dangerous goods) and Wiki's MSC FLAMINA Fire page, with links to Maritime Bulletin:  Apr 5 UPDATE 3: According to media reports, which are based on Indian and Sri Lankan Navy statements and MSC statement, fire is extinguished. It was extinguished in just several hours, notwithstanding risks involved with fire in containers, loaded with dangerous and flammable goods. Well, all three sources of triumphant reports, how to put it correctly, aren't exactly trustworthy. Indian media news tell us not as much about fire, as of Navy heroic firefighting, without unnecessary details and clarifications. Speaking of MSC, who could expect anything else except reassuring statement? Meanwhile, all crew were evacuated, meaning some real bad stuff was on fire, not your charcoal or shoes. The problem is, no large container ship major fire in known history of such cases, was extinguished in just hours. No, never, nowhere. Especially when bad stuff was on fire. I have a feeling, that there will be yet updates on MSC DANIELA fire. Apr 5 UPDATE 2: Vessel reported to be brought to anchor, some 20 or 25 crew evacuated, helicopter deployed to douse fire. Apr 5 UPDATE: Indian Navy was asked to assist in fire fighting, Indian Navy is either steaming to assist, or is already on the site. VLCS MSC DANIELA caught fire while en route from Singapore to Suez in Indian ocean west of Sri Lanka at night Apr 4 or early in the morning Apr 4, vessel changed course and headed for Colombo, apparently seeking assistance. In the afternoon Apr 4 vessel approached Colombo anchorage and started to drift. As of 0300 UTC Apr 5, vessel is drifting in vicinity of Colombo Anchorage, with at least four tugs and patrol ship at her side, engaged in firefighting. Understood containers are on fire, seems like a major fire. MSC DANIELA according to AIS, wasn�t brought to anchor, either because fire cut off forecastle access, or because she�s prohibited to anchor, out of safety considerations. VLCS MSC DANIELA, IMO 9399002, dwt 162867, capacity 14000 TEU, built 2008, flag Panama, manager MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.r.l.